For support using 3DPointLogic, please take a moment to review our 3DPointLogic Quick Start Guide. The quick start guide should get you up to speed with some sample data and a tutorial on how to get started using 3DPointLogic. Within the install of 3DPointLogic, users can also find additional detailed documentation by clicking on the icon beside each function.

For SiteVisit360, if you are a registered user, please take a moment to review the help documentation.

To request support for any of our products, please visit our Customer Portal.

For further technical assistance, please contact us at or call us at +1-888-325-1285 and select option 2.

3DPointLogic Tutorials

If you have specific questions about individual functions and how they work, please be sure to visit our 3DPointLogic Tutorials page for extra sample data tailored to demonstrate the use cases of each function.