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We specialize in developing tools that enable people to effectively use large 3D point clouds and immersive imagery within their existing workflows.

Our premiere product is SiteVisit360TM, an online software tool that merges 3D point cloud data from any source (ie. UAV or terrestrial scanning), panoramic imagery and other photography to create a virtual project environment. SiteVisit360TM makes it easy to visualize projects and reduces the need for remote site visits in the planning phase of projects.

For those within the reality capture space, we have produced 3DPointLogicTM, a set of simplistic, yet powerful point cloud processing tools.  This toolkit allows non-experts to efficiently and effectively turn masses of 3D point cloud data into manageable datasets.

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International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF)
February 5-7, 2018
Denver. CO

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SiteVisit360TM is a cloud-based platform that allows you to overlay panoramic photography, 3D point clouds and digital mapping within any web browser or mobile device. A simple interface allows users to additionally make measurements, pull coordinates of points of interest and drop placemarks in 3D.  Learn More

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In becoming experts at actually using giant point cloud data sets, we have developed a suite of tools that helps transform, thin, slice, classify, noise filter, and colorize point cloud data very quickly. The toolkit contains over 20 functions which are key to effective point cloud processing — turning large unwieldy point cloud data sets into useful, manageable, and effective work products.

 Functionality is bundled in a unique, user-friendly graphical interface that processes 3D point cloud data from ANY source – enabling data collectors and clients to easily manipulate raw data.

3DPointLogicTM is continually being improved with more functions added regularly. All licensees automatically receive access to all functions as they are available.  Learn More

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