Virtual on-site situational awareness


SiteVisit360 is a cloud-based platform which lets you create an accurate, geo-located environment from many different data sources and providers.

We bring together panoramic pictures, detailed point clouds and mapping to create a virtual world in which you can drop designs, make measurements and link points of interest, discussions, documents, photos, and more.  A simple interface using only a web browser makes it accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Dynamically View Imagery and Point Cloud Data

SceneView and OverView allow the user to quickly toggle between a panoramic view and a top down aerial view.

With SceneView settings the user can easily be manipulated to switch between point cloud views or panoramic views even merging the two and adjusting it to your particular settings.

OverView allows for a top down view of your project area and enables the user to quickly navigate from one area of the project to another as well as showing the direction of your field of view.

Create Groups to Enable Web-based Collaboration

Allow multiple team members to simultaneously conduct site walk-throughs without having to travel.  SiteVisit360 enables you to share proposed designs and information with your team, collaborate with discussions, and adding your own data.


Perform simple measurement functions within the scene, such as standard measurements and snap-downs, to quickly determine rough estimates.  Make notes, save and share these measurements with other users.

Overlay CAD Files and Other Geographic Mapping Assets

Use SiteVisit360 to quickly check how designs will fit into a project area simply by loading your own 3D DXF/SHP format files into your browser and seeing them laid over panoramic photography and 3D scan data. Easily identify potential issues that may affect your project’s viability and cost.

Create Tags on Points of Interest

Through our Collection Discussion feature, drop 3D pins at points of interest to rapidly catalog or bookmark locations that need to be tracked or require associated information.  Add conversation threads, upload documents or connect to external systems, to create a robust and detailed record of each point.

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