SOLV3D engine Tutorials

Popular Functions

Ground Filter

Specializing in mobile and terrestrial based LiDAR, automatically classify points into ground and not ground

Ground Filter v2

Specializing in aerial/drone based LiDAR, automatically classify points into ground and not ground

Noise Filter - Multi-Pass

Removes non static noise from multi-pass point clouds

Noise Filter - Sparse Noise

Remove sparse noise like rain and dust from point clouds


Reduce density and adjust spacing of point cloud down to a more manageable size


Split a large point cloud down to multiple smaller pieces of a defined size

Quality Control

Gain a level of confidence about the accuracy of your point cloud


Combine multiple sources of LAS files together into a single point cloud

Manipulation Functions

Intensity Filter

Filter points within a specified intensity range


Quickly reduce the number of points by random sampling at a specified spacing


(tutorial coming soon)

Translate, scale or rotate a point cloud

Splitting Functions


Clip out a section of the point cloud

Avoid Shape

Remove points from the cloud that match Esri SHP objects

Shape Extract

Split a point cloud into multiple pieces as specified within an Esri SHP file

Export Radius

Export a circle of points around specified x,y,z within the point cloud

Classify Export

Export points that match a specified classification

Utility Functions

Get Info

Extract information like total # of points, xyz boundaries, classifications etc.

Convert Units

Convert coordinates units between m, ft or survey ft

Boundary Fix

Fix the LAS header to match the actual boundary range of points

Offset Scale Fix

(tutorial coming soon)

Fix a point cloud that has an abnormal or zero offset

Convert from X to LAS

Convert from LAS to X

Image Processing Functions

Split Aerial Images

(tutorial coming soon)

Split aerial images like jpg or tif into a defined size

Color from Aerial

Colorize a point cloud from a given georeferenced jpg or tif

DTM Points

Creates an internal surface model to be used for other functions

Mesh Functions


Add density to a point cloud by interpolating points to fill in gaps

Delaunay Mesh

Export a delaunay triangle mesh DXF of a ground point file

Ground Thin

Thin all ground planar regions to their lowest point count

Other Niche Functions

Camera Combine

(tutorial coming soon)

Combine all of the terraphoto and topodot camera data files from a RiProcess project

Camera Extract

(tutorial coming soon)

Extract photos relative to a Esri shapefile from a RiProcess project

Combine CSV

Combine similar CSVs together into a single file

Cylinder ROI

(tutorial coming soon)

Outputs a report for variance in Z values at specified coordinates in a given radius

KML from CSV

(tutorial coming soon)

Create a single KML from a multiple CSV files

KML Merge

(tutorial coming soon)

Merges all RiProcess PhotoOverlay and GroundOverlay elements of the input KML file directory into a single KML file

Trimble Transform

(tutorial coming soon)

Based off Trimble parameters, translate, scale and rotate all points in a point cloud


(tutorial coming soon)

Add a watermark to an image(s)

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