Scott Campbell - CEO

Scott comes from a technology background, having held a variety of positions in hardware and software companies, including CEO at Nautel and Medusa Medical. Scott recently ran the Canadian subsidiary and then lead the Global Shared Services team at Solium Capital. He brings the experience necessary to build out teams, making them efficient and effective.

Kevin Miller – CTO

Kevin’s expertise lies in agile process development and establishing standards for coding, architecture, and delivery. With posts at Vintri Technologies, Mentor Engineering and SMART Technologies, he has experience in the development of big-data information management systems and the underlying hardware infrastructure.

Tammy Peterson – VP Marketing & Sales

Tammy’s area of expertise includes business development, channel strategy & management, marketing and customer service. She has held positions in a diverse landscape of organizations, but over the last 10 plus years, she has been specifically focused on the geomatics industry while managing Valtus Imagery Services, part of Hexagon.