Virtual 3D worlds are incredible.
Trying to process, visualize and share
the huge amounts of 3D data they require – not so much.


Solv3D was created to remedy this – developing advanced technologies for the processing, validation and visualization of 3D point clouds and ortho imagery, as well as building and supporting “full-cycle” software to actually let people get to work.

Point cloud data is the ultimate representation of reality. However, the massive amount of data generated by 3D point clouds, greatly limits its usability. It’s so large that you need a maxed-out desktop to manipulate it, and even then, very few software packages can truly do anything with it.

Our solutions are focused on enabling users to process and access those massive data sets on a regular machine – allowing you to transform them into a manageable dataset that can be used as part of your regular work flow. We then provide you with a powerful web platform that allows any point cloud data, associated orthophotos, shape files, CAD drawings, and many other georeferenced assets to be streamed and shared over the web – requiring only a browser, no special software or high-powered machines needed.

We put the power of point clouds within your reach.

 Download the Solv3D Corporate Brochure